Venue Cleaning | 展馆最后清洁

Cleaning of booths and aisles during ingress
Exhibitors’ contractors are responsible for cleaning inside the booth. They can leave their trash by the aisles and SMX janitors will clean up (SMX Janitors will only do the clearing of garbage but not the clean up of booth structures.). Make sure the trash will not block aisles and corridor, if any exhibitor’s trash blocked aisles and corridor, organizer received other exhibitors’ complaints this will result in fine.

*All contractors must collect, clean and dispose their trash before 5 pm on Jul 29, 2020, to be ready for the installation of aisle carpeting. Failure to do so will result to deducting your performance bond.

Dismantling of booths and disposal of trash during egress
Contractors are responsible for dismantling of booths and disposable of trash during egress. Exhibitors may ask assistance of Coltrans for trash disposal, this may result in charge which should be inquiring Coltrans. Failure to dispose trash or leave trash in the hall will result in fine.

During egress the dismantled structures should be cleared before deadline (6 pm, 2nd Aug, 2020) of scheduled egress. Unloading area should also be cleared from dismantled structures.