Handover Booth| 展位交还


Dismantling of booths and disposal of trash during egress
Contractors are responsible for dismantling of booths and disposable of trash during egress. Exhibitors may ask assistance from Coltrans or Official Contractor for trash disposal. They are encouraged to inquire directly to Coltrans or Official Contractor in case of additional charges. Failure to dispose trash or leave trash in the hall will result in penalities.

During egress the dismantled structures should be cleared before deadline (January 10, 2021, 6pm) of scheduled egress otherwise the overtime change is 180,000 pesos per hour. Unloading area should also be cleared from dismantled structures.



撤展期间参展商及搭建商负责所属展位拆除和处置垃圾,参展商可以向主场承建商或主场承运商申请处置垃圾或废弃结构(费用请参阅No. )未能带走所有展位垃圾或乱扔垃圾将导致罚款,卸货区等同展馆内,亦不能残留任何垃圾影响运输。