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此表反馈展商参加PAGE 2019的进度进展;PAGE每周一更新贵司参展状态;如果主办方对任务列表有做调整,这些调整通知会罗列在自助手册首页“更新通知”内;参展相关手续工作建议尽早安排。
This spreadsheet reflects your status participating PAGE 2019. Our customer service team will update status every Monday. If there is any update on deadline or task content, we will list the updates on online manual homepage. We highly recommend submit your forms to us as soon as you can to avoid delay.
Task Number 任务号Deadline: Y-M-D 截止年月日Task Name 任务名称Responsible Party 责任方Form (includ.
Submission Received?
Status 状态Remarks备注
No. 12019-02-01Participation Fee Balance Payment|参展费用尾款All Exhibitors | 所有展商Received; 收讫Confirmed;确认
No. 22019-03-10License Collection|牌照查验All Exhibitors | 所有展商See more Received;收讫 Confirmed;确认
No. 32019-04-05Event Guide and Website Listing|会刊及官网登记All Exhibitors | 所有展商See moreReceived;收讫 Confirmed;确认
No. 42019-04-12Forwarder | 货运代理All exhibitors | 所有展商See more
No. 52019-04-12Fascia Name|标摊楣板资料Standard Booth | 标摊See moreReceived;收讫Confirmed;确认
No. 62019-04-12Design Inspection - Stand Plan Submission|展位设计 - 交图报馆Space only (including official build change to space only)|光地(包括标摊改光地)See moreNot required; 无需提供
No. 72019-04-12Electricity Rent| 租电Space only (including official build change to space only)|光地(包括标摊改光地)See more
No. 82019-05-12Show Order Maintain Undertaking|展场秩序承诺函All Exhibitors | 所有展商See moreReceived;收讫Confirmed;确认
No. 92019-05-12Hotel | 酒店Optional | 可选See more
No. 102019-05-12Internet Rent | 网络租赁Optional | 可选See more
No. 112019-05-12Food & Beverage | 食品及酒水Optional | 可选See more
No. 122019-05-12Floral|花艺租赁Optional | 可选See more
No. 132019-05-12Furniture Rent | 额外家具租赁Optional | 可选See more
No. 142019-05-12AV Equipment Rent|影音设备租赁Optional | 可选See more
No. 152019-05-12Performance Bond|施工保证金Space only (including official build change to space only)|光地(包括标摊改光地)See more
No. 162019-05-22Standard Stand Plan|标摊位置图Standard Booth | 标摊See moreReceived;收讫Confirmed;确认
No. 172019-06-12Exhibitor Pass Application | 参展商证件申请表All Exhibitors | 所有展商See moreReceived;收讫Confirmed;确认
No. 182019-06-12Contractor Pass Application|搭建商证件申请表Space only (including official build change to space only)|光地(包括标摊改光地)See more
No. 192019-06-12Photographer, Performance, Model|摄影师、表演、模特等申报Optional | 可选See more
No. 202019-06-12Cleaning | 垃圾清运Space only (including official build change to space only)|光地(包括标摊改光地)See more
No. 212019-07-09Space Only Exhibitor Move In|光地搭建商进场Space only (including official build change to space only)|光地(包括标摊改光地)See more
No. 222019-07-10Exhibitor Sign In|参展商报到All Exhibitors | 所有展商See more
No. 232019-07-10Standard Booth Setup|标摊搭建完成Organizer | 主办方
No. 242019-07-11Exhibits Move In, Booth Setup Finish|展品进馆及展台佈置完成Organizer | 主办方
No. 252019-07-11Venue Cleaning|展馆最后清洁Organizer | 主办方
No. 262019-07-11Carpet Covering|铺过道地毯Organizer | 主办方
No. 272019-07-11Organizer Review|主办方现场验收Organizer | 主办方See more
No. 282019-07-12Show Open|观众入场Organizer | 主办方See more
No. 292019-07-14All Services Cut Off|停止提供电力等所有服务Organizer | 主办方See more
No. 302019-07-14Tear Down Start|展台拆除开始AllSee more