Welcome to the PAGE Self-Help System!

欢迎来到 亚博会 自助系统!

  For the convenience of exhibitors (sponsors) and contractors, PAGE has set up an online self-help system to purchase ads and handle booth construction. By using this system, you are able to: 1, browse participation manual; 2, purchase advertising; 3, browse task list. Please take note that the organizer will assign the login account to exhibitors and contractors. Organizer will not accept public registration. Exhibitor and contractor accounts will be sent to exhibitors. Before you officially enter the system, you need to know the following information: 为方便展商和搭建商购买广告和处理展位搭建事宜,亚博会专为展商(赞助商)和搭建商设立了在线自助系统。您可以通过自助系统:1,浏览参展手册;2,购买广告;3,浏览任务列表。请注意主办方会分配系统的管理账号和密码(包括展商和搭建商登录账号)给关键联系人,不接受公开注册。展商和搭建商登录账号会统一发给展商,由展商自由分配,在您正式开始进入系统之前,您需要了解以下信息:

  • Account Permission | 账号权限:
  Ad Brochure 广告手册 Exhibitor Manual 展商手册
Exhibitor Account 展商账号
Contractor Account 搭建商账号 X
  • The username and password of exhibitors and contractors are provided by the organizer and no registration will be accepted;
  • If the username and password are lost or cannot login, please contact the organizer;
  • The username and password will automatically expire after the event;
  • If the contractor loses the username and password, please contact the exhibitor and the exhibitor will contact the organizer;
  • The organizer will not directly give the username and password to the contractor;
  • The exhibitors will be directly notified for every items purchased by the contractor
  • 展商和搭建商的用户名密码都由主办方统一分配,不接受主动申请;
  • 如果用户名密码丢失或无法登录,请联系主办方重新获取;
  • 用户名和密码会在展会结束后自动失效;
  • 搭建商如果用户名密码丢失,请联系展商,由展商代为向主办方申领;
  • 主办方不会直接将用户名密码给予搭建商;
  • 搭建商的任何购买的物品,会被直接抄送展商知悉。

‘PAGE’ Organizer, GSSI, 


2020 PAGE Ad Brochure | 2019年亚博会广告手册

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*This site for exhibitor log in only.



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2019 PAGE Exhibitor Manual

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*This site for exhibitor and contractor log in only.


PAGE Task List | 亚博会任务列表

In order to facilitate good communication and ensure the efficiency of work, PAGE created a “task list” for the exhibitors. After the exhibitor logs in, you can see the materials and information required for the exhibition, and the submission status in the task list. The organizer will update the status regularly. Exhibitors can log in to view the real-time status of the construction, exhibition, and service order. Please note that if the exhibitor directly orders from other suppliers, the organizer will not be informed, please contact the supplier directly. The organizer will send the task list link directly to the exhibitor, please check regularly. Only the exhibitor (exhibitor username) has permission to view the task list page. The following illustration is an example: “√” indicates the successful completion of the task; “X” indicates that the task submission has an error; “?” indicates that there is a question about the submitted the task. If there is a problem or the error, the organizer will try to contact the exhibitor to solve the problem, and the exhibitor can also contact the organizer. 为了保持良好的沟通和确保工作的高效,亚博会特意为展商制作”任务列表“,展商登录后能够在任务列表看到参展需要准备的材料和信息、提交情况和主办方的接收情况。主办方会固定更新状态,展商可以登录查看搭建、参展、服务订购信息的实时状态,请注意,如果是展商从其他供应商直接订购的服务,主办方无法更新,请展商直接同供应商联系。 主办方会直接发送任务列表链接给展商,请注意查收。 任务列表页面只有该展商(展商用户名)有权限查看。 以下图示为一个范例: “√” 代表该项任务顺利完成; “X”表示该项任务提交有错误; “?”表明提交任务有疑问, 出现问题或者错误主办方会尽力联系展商解决,展商也可主动联系主办方。    

Updates Bulletin | 更新公告

  Jan 2, 2020 – 2020 Exhibitor Manual will update soon   2020年1月2日 – 近期将上线2020展商手册